From Tradesman to General

Uncategorized Dec 11, 2019


Had a great conversation with Erdman, a friend of mine that is a super skilled finishing carpenter.  He is so in demand that when I asked him in June if he could help me with a project, his answer was “yes, if you can wait until October!”  Great guy, but so in demand its hard to get him.

Erdman was excited to show me his photos of a renovation he just finished, on his own home.  Sure, the cabinetry was amazing, the finishing details were all top notch.  But what got Erdman excited was that this one small job introduced him to acting as a general contractor, co-ordinating all the trades, suppliers, inspectors, and working with the customer (his wife Adina!)

Why was he excited?  Well, he just crossed the threshold between just being a great tradesman and becoming a general contractor.  And he was feeling powerful as a result!

Moving from your comfort zone in any trade or skill, and taking it to the next level, is both scary and exhilarating.  And the rewards are endless.

If the day ever comes when Erdman tires of working for others indefinitely, he has options.  He’s not heading in that direction just now, but he certainly has the confidence to move ahead when the timing is right.

We are cheering Erdman on and we are excited to see how he took on the challenge and came to such a great outcome.

That’s what we coaches live for!


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