Building on Your Skills

I picked up a picture frame today, to display a certificate I earned a year ago with our local Homebuilders Association.  I have a spot picked out for it in my office, as a reminder that I invested in myself so that I can return the benefit investing in others.

Tradesmen invest in safety courses as a requirement, in many cases, to maintain their certification, especially if they are foremen or women with responsibility over others.

Sometimes we don’t realize the accumulating benefits of training, skill development, and learning on the job by taking on a variety of projects or tasks.

Kolin was struggling in his job, feeling overwhelmed as the business he worked for went through a sea of changes.  I mentored him for several years, and every time he had an opportunity to upgrade his skills, he took it.  The problem was not with Kolin, the problem was outside his control.  So many good trades and managers can relate, judging by the various conversations I have had with so many of them over the years.

For Kolin, his diligence to take advantage of opportunities to take courses, pursue upgrades, and wrap his mind around a stunning variety of work situations, paid off BIG TIME.

Kolin got head-hunted by a competitor, lured away from his stressful job into the DREAM-JOB he really deserved.

But, like that framed certificate going up in my office, the seeds of Kolin’s dream job were sown years ago.  Kolin is a person who thinks progressively, puts in the effort and spends the time and money on upgrading himself.   The Dream Job came along at just the right time, but Kolin was targeted by an employer that recognized his self-starter integrity.   They wanted him!  There was no competition for a spot, they created the position for him!

Reminds me of me, 15 years ago I was suddenly laid off from a large Builder that I had worked for, and the “transition” took less than 24 hours.   Another company heard that I was available, called me to a meeting in their boardroom, and the conversation began a 15 year career, my Dream Job, creating and managing a home building enterprise for them.

In this changing work environment, we all need to dust off the old certificates and where we need some sharpening of our skills, this is the time to invest in yourself.  Changes are coming, and will continue to come for many years ahead of us.  Coaching, mentoring, and skill development are keys to the new economy ahead of us.


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