Who Will Be Here In 5 Years?

Uncategorized Dec 23, 2019

I met with a major Builder in our city a few days ago, and he said something that really got my attention.

We were discussing new upcoming development areas, and specifically, one particular area that will be very popular when it comes to the market.

The Builder confirmed that his company will be involved, along with a small contingency of Builders of his stature.   But his next statement shocked me.

He predicted there will be a LOT fewer builders in the marketplace by the time this development comes on stream. 

This was no idle speculation.  I have lived through several marketplace “adjustments” and I have seen several very prominent, well established, seemingly solid Builders just disappear overnight in a fog of unpaid accounts and unfinished projects.   All it takes is some unwise management decisions along with market pressures.  Think 2008!   When sales drop to zero a Builder’s overhead begins to drag everything down a nasty slope.

In real terms, every trade and supplier needs to keep his or her eyes open these days.   As many people think in terms of preparing against a physical disaster like an ice storm, having supplies on hand and the like…..in the same manner, the wise trade or supplier will have a game plan to survive in the event of a sudden loss of job or position.   Survival is a matter of planning, and the planners will survive.

Our coaching is geared toward unlocking survival options as much as it is geared toward enhancing the present position or skill.

The planners will survive.

Where will you be in five years from now?

Who will you be working for, and how will you survive if they suddenly make a pivot?

Something to think about.


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