Doing it For The Little Guy

When I consider the landscape of builders and renovators that make up our marketplace, I am drawn more to the startups, the guys doing just a handful of projects every year.   Typically, these men and women are very much hands-on, usually trades based, doing an honest days work for an honest day’s pay.   This is my tribe.

It's not like I am not familiar with the mega-builder community.   I have a lifetime of experience at the boardroom tables of high volume builders and developers and intimate knowledge of their sophisticated systems of operation.

Although we typically build (ourselves) very high-end large homes, very big ticket contracts, my own personal comfort zone has always been the entry-level market, because those clients are usually grateful for what you can give them and just a simpler market to serve.

Likewise, when considering coaching builders and renovators, my comfort zone is the five-to-ten homes a year small contractor.   These individuals are appreciative of the significant improvements we can make to their operations, through coaching and training.   The results they get are usually rapid and gratifying, and it makes for a very healthy relationship overall.

And let's face it, today’s start-up is tomorrow’s mega-builder in training.  Not everyone wants to grow big, and not everyone can, but every garden starts from seed and eventually the stronger plants will yield the most productive.   That’s just natural.   My job is to help those newly planted seeds to grow strong, supply them with the right nutrients in the right order and the right time.  And nature takes care of the rest.

As I wrote in my book “Where Are Your Dreams”, one of the men I greatly admire in our industry started as a lumber salesman, then became a realtor, then built a few homes…..but one day he made a critical determination to grow, and he sought help to get organized.  The result is an organization that remains to this day the third largest builder and land developer in our region.   He was a startup, and he was open to learning and growing.  The results now are very much organic and self –perpetuating.   Start-ups Matter!

Happy building out there!



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