I think there is a little bit of procrastinator in all of us.

I certainly qualify.

I read many guru’s books on self-development, and most strongly support having a personal coach.   One, in particular, inspired me to write down my goals and one of my stated goals was to hire a personal coach.   I even planned to spend $6,000.

And I did nothing to make that happen for a good four years.

And nothing changed except I got older and more bogged down.

But two years ago I “saw” a young man on a periscope broadcast, and he was so encouraging!   He was offering personal coaching, and I reached out to him.  It was the best decision of my life.

I still have my coaching notes in a big yellow binder, with my personal vision statement written out and signed.   I am so proud of the work I did on myself, with his help and guidance.   It changed how I viewed myself and life itself.

Personal coaching helped me identify blockages to my personal growth, and helped me connect with my God-given gifts and abilities.   I began to realize I had more to offer and I began to renew my thinking.

I don’t think there is any way I could have done the “work” on myself alone, there are some things we need a coach to achieve.

Just like a sports coach would, my coach kept me accountable and moving forward.  Today I am self-motivated and moving ahead, even though I no longer have my coach in my life on a weekly basis.

Personal coaching can be short term or long term.    It really depends on what you want to accomplish.   And they say “no pain, no gain” in athletic development.  I say “no cost, no benefit” to the concept of personal or business coaching.

In part, you get what you pay for (and also what you want to go after seriously).

So if you want to make personal or business progress, or both, a personal coach is definitely the best investment you will ever make.

Now I spend up to $12,000 a year on personal improvement, learning new things, and growing as a man and in our industry.   Worth every penny, the returns are out of this world.


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