The Biggest Waste of a Builder's Time





The biggest waste of a Builders’ time isn’t golfing (although some Builders would disagree with me)

The biggest waste of a Builders’ time isn’t management meetings (although again some Builders I know would strongly disagree0

The biggest time wasters are the endless parade of Sales reps from every walk of life, every supplier, realtor, advertiser, and promoter of gadgets you can think of.

Just today I was dealing with setting up a scheduling system for a new set of projects, and staff came to me with the latest and greatest (and their favourite) online gadget, complete with tutorials and complexities galore.   Experience has shown me how wasteful these “shiny objects” can be when a simple, one-page production schedule works just fine.

It’s not like the industry should not evolve and become more digital, but in truth, there is way too much detail, way too many opportunities to hide behind electronics and gloss over the old-fashioned concept of accountability.

Everyone is selling something.   I am selling my ideas to you, just writing this.  But here is where the rubber meets the road, for the Builder.   We produce end products for a fair price, very consistently and on time.   That is what we do.  So if we need to become a little more efficient, it is up to the Builder to use his or her head, be a leader and set the pace.  

Relying on salespeople of every sort to organically run your organization is a recipe for disaster.   Be your own person, and set your own course.  You will do just fine, and the organization you build will have YOUR stamp on it, not some internet guru’s idea of how you should run your business.

Curb the time you allow Sales to edge into your productive day.   You will be a better Builder for it. 


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