I think there is a little bit of procrastinator in all of us.

I certainly qualify.

I read many guru’s books on self-development, and most strongly support having a personal coach.   One, in particular, inspired me to write down my goals and one of my stated goals was to hire a personal coach.   I even planned to spend $6,000.

And I did nothing to make that happen for a good four years.

And nothing changed except I got older and more bogged down.

But two years ago I “saw” a young man on a periscope broadcast, and he was so encouraging!   He was offering personal coaching, and I reached out to him.  It was the best decision of my life.

I still have my coaching notes in a big yellow binder, with my personal vision statement written out and signed.   I am so proud of the work I did on myself, with his help and guidance.   It changed how I viewed myself and life itself.

Personal coaching helped me identify blockages...

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