The Biggest Waste of a Builder's Time





The biggest waste of a Builders’ time isn’t golfing (although some Builders would disagree with me)

The biggest waste of a Builders’ time isn’t management meetings (although again some Builders I know would strongly disagree0

The biggest time wasters are the endless parade of Sales reps from every walk of life, every supplier, realtor, advertiser, and promoter of gadgets you can think of.

Just today I was dealing with setting up a scheduling system for a new set of projects, and staff came to me with the latest and greatest (and their favourite) online gadget, complete with tutorials and complexities galore.   Experience has shown me how wasteful these “shiny objects” can be when a simple, one-page production schedule works just fine.

It’s not like the industry should not evolve and become more digital, but in truth, there is way too much detail, way too many...

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This blog is a bit personal, but any Builder worth his or her salt has some stories to tell.   Some are funny, some are tragic.  All are real life to the Builder.

  1. OPTIMISM: Optimism is the Builder’s stock in trade, otherwise who would be doing what we do, take the risks we take, and work so hard for sometimes so little.   But Optimism has to be tempered with sober thinking and careful planning.  Running ahead too fast, expanding beyond controls in place, reacting too quickly to perceived threats AND opportunities.   All of these and more increase the Builder’s risk and can lead to burnout or worse.  So be optimistic, but be realistic at the same time.
  2. PESSIMISM; The opposite of Optimism is Pessimism.  But they are not really true opposites.  Builder optimism is the lifeblood of the business, the juice that gets everyone up and going every single day, rain or shine.   Pessimism is like a cancer, it eats...
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